How To Make The Most Of Your Summer Holiday

So school is out, the final bell has rung and you finally have the entire summer to do whatever you like without having to
worry about educational projects and assignments. The immediate temptation is to head straight for bed, sleep in until noon everyday, make your way downstairs for some much needed junk food, slide over to couch and binge watch all of your favorite shows, right? Although this can be an incredibly tempting plan of action to take during the holidays, you should really think about your weeks off as an opportunity to do some things that you do not have time for during the school semesters. In order to avoid a lack of stimulation, here are ten great ways to stay active and make the most of your summer holiday.
  1. Early Starts

  2. I’m not saying that your alarm clock needs to go off at 6am every morning like it does during the semester, but really, unplugging it and letting your body wake you up at 1pm every day isn’t the definition of productive, is it? To put it simply, the earlier you get up every morning, the more possibilities you give yourself for activities throughout the day. You open yourself up to much more fun and stimulation if you are present during the day, even if it is just going out for a walk or doing some shopping, you are up and active and that is a positive.

  3. Read

  4. Keep your brain active by doing a lot of reading during the holidays. In these weeks of freedom, you are free from the shackles of having to read textbooks and set texts for your classes, and you should treat this as a time to read for pleasure. Is there always a pile of books waiting patiently on your bedside table? Well this is the perfect opportunity to stimulate your mind and keep those neurons firing. Of course, if you wanted to get a head start on your reading for the next school year, then that would be the definition of productivity!

  5. Community Service

  6. Why not spend some time doing good for your community by volunteering? Volunteering not only gives you the opportunity to become more connected with the world, meet new people, gain a great sense of self worth, but it also allows you to make a difference to the lives of others who might be in more need than yourself. Doesn’t that sound like a more rewarding way to spend a holiday then lounging in bed?

  7. Build A Portfolio

  8. If you are an artist and have ambitions of taking your hobby to the next level at college, then use the summer holidays as a period of uninterrupted and stress-less time in which to create and build upon a portfolio. Good art needs time to breathe, and busy school weeks with homework and distractions are not the best environment for creativity. Use your holiday weeks to let your inspiration flow without having to think about other classes and subjects.

  9. Exercise

  10. That’s right, you might not want to hear it, but the summer holidays are perfect for getting in to an exercise routine! Whether it’s going on an early morning or late night jog on your own, or finding local sports clubs to join, staying physically active over the holidays when it is so tempting to just shut yourself away in from of the TV is really important. Not only will your body stay alert but your brain will too, and it will make going back to school so much easier.

  11. Start A Blog

  12. If you have a passion for writing, why not start an online blog detailing the ins and outs of your summer vacation time? This is effective in two ways, the first being that the upkeep of the blog will ensure your writing skills stay sharp, and the second being that looking for things to write about will inspire you to be more active and adventurous in your free time.

  13. Travel

  14. When else do you have this much free time on your hands? Make the most of your freedom and set off travelling! This could be a fun road trip with friends, a trip to summer camp, or even a more adventurous holiday abroad. No matter where you go, the important element is that you are leaving your normal surroundings and opening yourself up to new experiences while you have the time.

  15. Get A Job

  16. If you want to grow as a person and assume some adult responsibility during your holidays, then why not get a summer job? Working through the summer will give you a great sense of independence and routine, and you will find yourself maturing as a result. And of course, all that extra cash doesn’t hurt at all!

  17. Start A Business

  18. This might sound too adult and little daunting, but starting your own business can be anything from having a lemonade stand outside your house to giving out flyers in your neighbourhood offering handy man services like lawn mowing or window cleaning. It can be fun being your own boss and you will get an enormous amount of self-confidence from people trusting you to do a service for them.

  19. Have Fun!

  20. Whether you choose to do one or more of these things, the most important factor to remember is that you should always be having fun. You might have a lot of responsibilities, but these weeks away from school or college should be about doing something rewarding and being happy at the same time.

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