Teach Grammar With These Tools and Tips

Grammar is a tedious and boring subject to the point where many students receive a sub-par education on it. The fault doesn’t lie with the students, it lies firmly in the hands of the teachers that find the subject so monotonous that they rush over the subject matter. Grammar is supposed to govern the rules of written English, but one wonders why people bother these days when people on Twitter are writing with a language made up of letters, numbers and errant punctuation. Be you a teacher or student, here are some tools and apps you may use to teach and learn.

Grammar Teaching Techniques to Try

Grammar Mind Maps
Make your grammar lessons a little more visual with mind maps built for teaching grammar. The idea is that the process appeals to both the left and right sides of your brain. They may help students learn the rules of grammar a little more easily. There are some students that are simply going to struggle unless they find a different way of looking at their grammar lessons, and this may be the most suitable lesson for them.

Writing Assignments
Give your students more writing assignments in which they have to work through different grammatical structures and concepts. Set up writing assignments that are specifically sculpted to force students to confront and use the concepts taught during grammar lessons and they will learn a little more easily. In an article in the Atlantic last year, they showed that simply memorizing the principles of grammar is not good enough.

X-Word Grammar
There is an editing technique you may use if you want to teach your students the rules of grammar. The idea at the root of it is that our English language has a large number of key terms (the “x words”), and these “x words” play a very important role when understanding grammar in a sentence. The teacher may focus on the “x words” and how they make the search engines work so the students may understand the relationship between them and other words in the sentence.

Use Existing (Fun) Text

If you have your students analyze sentences, they may learn how to spot the principles of grammar at work. They may find it more entertaining if you use fun sentences and you analyze the structure of pieces of text they may be interested in. You could take part of a popular TV show or book and have the students analyze it to find the grammatical mistakes. There are plenty of TV shows that are littered with grammatical errors you can pick up on.

Physical Games

The Busy Teacher people say you should gather your students in a circle and then throw around a bean back as they work on grammatical problems. The students throw beanbags and the one that catches it is the one that gives the question or answer.
The people at Education World say that words and adverbs may be taught with games such as charades and such. They also advise on a number of games that students may find engaging.

Online Grammar Games

The Sheppard Software people give you a number of different grammar, spelling and English games for students to learn from in a fun and hopefully entertaining and engaging way.

There are plenty of ESL games with ESL Games Plus. If a student is learning English as a second language, then you are able to help them with these games. They may provide engaging entertainment as the student learns.

There are plenty of scholastic adventures and games within this game. You have the students select the subject area and they are able to focus on it as they play and work. For example, in the grammar section they may focus on the suffixes, prefixes, punctuation, verbs and nouns.

Here are quite a few lessons that children and adults may use to learn the principles of English. They are not all games, some are courses, and some are functions that people may use to help them learn a little more easily.

There are plenty of interactive games and activities that may be used by teachers to teach younger people. There are also games that kids may play to learn things such as adverbs, tenses, adjectives, conjunctions and prepositions.

Grammar Apps for Kids (and Teachers)

Grammar Police

This helps to teach children about sentence structure by dropping parts of a sentence during a police chase. It keeps the kids engaged whilst also teaching them something. It is for the Apple iOS and costs $0.99.

Grammar Jammers

They use animations, catchy songs and a series of quizzes to help students learn about grammar and how it is used Internet English language. They have created this app for the Apple iOS and it costs $2.99.

Jumbled Sentences

This app gives the students jumbled sentences and asks them to sort them out. The students learn about sentence structure by finally figuring out what goes where. It is available on the Android and iOS for just $0.99.

Grammar Wonderland

As a character in the game, the student is able to move through the different levels as if playing an English grammar adventure game. There are different settings for different levels of ability, and it costs $2.99.

Grammar Games

Here there are two games that the students can play for the Apple iOS. There is a grammar game used to help students take off and another to have them land. It has tutorials for more in-depth learning and can be bought for $1.99.

In Summary

There are a lot of tools and techniques that may be used to help students learn their spelling and grammar a little more efficiently. It is a tough and boring subject to cover, so it is often a good idea to get in as much help as you can, even if it is a new technique or tool.

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